Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yes you can still have pasta

I adore pasta, especially with a lovely home made tomato sauce. Shame I can't eat either any more!

You can get all sorts of pasta not made with wheat. The supermarket ones tend to leave me disappointed, not much like pasta!

I imported an electronic pasta machine from Italy thinking I could make my own, but the first attempts ended up as a pan of wallpaper paste.

Then I bought a book from the USA Amazon called Wheat Free Gourmet particularly because it had a pasta recipe. I bought the secret ingredient (Xanthum Gum) carefully measured out all the ingredients using cups (American recipes tend to use cups, and I have a set of measuring cups). It seemed a bit strange proportion wise but the pasta shapes stayed together even when cooked! Wow - but you could have used it to sole shoes with!

I probably need to practice and adjust the proportions a bit!

But I discovered some wonderful brown rice pasta in the health shop. It comes in all the usual shapes and more, and it is so good I doubt that anyone would notice the difference if you served it up without saying anything! Also because it is made with whole organic rice it is going to be low on the GI, and therefore very good for you.

The make of this wonderful pasta is: Rizopia. I buy mine in Harvest Health shop in Bath.