Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peppermint Tea

I am fussy about my peppermint tea, and I used to try and get Heath and Heather organic peppermint tea which (in my opinion) had a far superior taste to any other make.

The shop I used to get it from (GNC in Bath) closed, and I had to hunt the internet to find the tea, and I managed to do that but you have to faff around each time on the site, and postage was high, I was normally buying other things but service was variable.

Then one day when I had run out and was in Tesco I found Taylor's of Harrogate organic peppermint tea, which not only was in a larger size box than H&H but is as good if not better.

So when I had got used to that Tesco stopped selling it boo hoo! First I was cross, then thought I will try and find it online.

Off searching again online and I found it at a site called Tea World. They have a wide selection but to find the above I had to search by manufacturer, searching for organic peppermint tea doesn't find it strangely.

The really good thing about Tea World is that postage is free if you spend over £35 and they always send you some free samples with your order so you can try other teas, and there are lots to choose from.

I can also highly recommend Pukka Three Mint tea and Tea Pigs mint and liquorice tea bags - oh and I recently bought some of the Duchy organic peppermint tea when away on holiday, from a Sainsburys, and that was very nice too (and may have been talked to by HRH)!