Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am not coeliac

Thanks for the tip Caroline, and wherever I go and mention I have problems with wheat it is assumed that I am a coeliac.

I wish it was that easy. I can't eat wheat, even with gluten removed, I can't eat any other grain apart from rice and I can't eat maize/corn/sweetcorn.

I cannot eat things with colouring, preservatives, there is a long list. I have had problems with tomatoes and with fruit, it is very restricting and when eating out very difficult.

At work they are booking up for the Christmas meal and before I could say I would go to the place that was being offered I had to ring and talk to the chef about ingredients. He was very nice (French too) and put my mind at ease, and said if I give him a list of what I can't eat he will make sure I don't get any of in the food.

It is a very long list and it is easier to list what I can safely eat.

I have had allergy tests, only for the major food groups and the nice doctor said you are not allergic to any of them so go away and eat anything you like - I wish I could. When I try I usually suffer afterwards, sometimes I just have to try and eat the things I love, shame they make me ill.

I have had endoscopies, colonoscopies, and a biopsy, the charming doctor (who did every one of them over several years) told me he never wanted to see me again, and the feeling is mutual - I didn't ask for the tests I only wanted help with the symptoms, unfortunately the first test they send me for every time is that one!

One time my doctor told me I couldn't be coeliac as I was too fat!

I wish I could be normal, grab a quick sandwich, eat the buffet, not have to take in food that I have to heat in the kitchen and stink it out of fish and get complaints.

I only eat fish or organic chicken, no other meat.

Last night I didn't know what to eat, didn't really fancy anything I normally have so ended up cooking a pan of rice pasta and making up a cheese sauce using rice flour and adding onions fried in butter (in fact they were the base of the sauce) as I must eat some vegetables to keep my system in order, and I added organic cheese and fresh basil.


CLARE said...

Hello. I've just been browsing this blog and I really feel for you. I have a gluten intolerence as well as reactions to other ingredients such as sulphites and caramel flavourning plus dried fruits (which means I cant have gf musili). Anyway, i just thought I'd say hello

Toni said...

Yes! That's so true! I have the same problem myself! Whenever I go to restaraunts and stuff, and I say "I can't eat wheat..." somehow or other they tend to hear "I can't eat gluten..." It's not the same thing! Gaaaah!

JD/ Jill said...

Wow! Just found this blog of yours, and boy can I relate...I have so many food allergies, that it makes it very difficult to eat I know what you are going through.

okienurse said...

ah Cazzy it is horrible having these issues. I have been gluten, and grain free except for Brown and White rice, and corn cause last October. Dr says I have a couple markers for the celiac disease but biopsy is negative...Folks at the told me you can be celiac and test be clear. Who knows I just know I hurt to bad to want to eat any of it. I also have given up most dairy, all artificial sweeteners, only use honey or stevia, most peppers, and I am thinking about giving up the nightshade vegetables. Life is interesting to say the least when you have dietary issues when you go out to eat. I can handle red meat, chicken, but can't tolerate pork or fish...Will try to follow along now that I have found this blog off WOYWW! I also have a blog for health issues at and try to post useful stuff when I feel like it. Thanks for sharing! Vickie